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JavaScript & Python Developer

  • Web & Graphic Design, Branding, UX/UI & Tech Enthusiastic

    With six years of experience in Frontend Web Development, I am a seasoned Software Engineer well-versed in utilizing various libraries including jQuery, React, ReactQuery, ReactTable, TurboBuild, Sentry, and frameworks such as Angular, Gatsby, Eleventy, Hugo, Preact, NextJS, Vue, and EmberJS. Moreover, I possess extensive Backend Experience in crafting GraphQL and REST APIs using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB. I have also demonstrated proficiency in working with headless CMS such as NetlifyCMS, Contentful CMS, KeyStones, and Strapi, leveraging the power of PostgreSQL.

  • Web Development with JavaScript & Python Flask

    I am a proficient Python Developer with extensive expertise in Flask, Bottle, and FastAPI. My commitment to enhancing product delivery encompasses a continuous exploration of emerging development tools through rigorous testing. In the realm of Machine Learning, I possess a comprehensive understanding of NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SeaBorn, Bokeh, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV libraries. At present, I am actively expanding my knowledge base by delving into Golang Fundamentals, while simultaneously exploring Elixir and Rust as compelling alternatives in the programming language landscape.

  • Linguist, Musician, Proud Father of 2 Brave Warriors.

    With a proven aptitude for collaborating seamlessly with individuals across diverse hierarchies and functional domains, I possess a robust leadership acumen. Proficient in Agile/Scrum methodologies, I have garnered expertise in utilizing platforms like Jira, Trello, Notion, ClickUp, Asana, and Shortcut. My tenure as the Head of the Web Development Team and Quality Assurance Specialist has endowed me with extensive personnel management proficiency. Moreover, as an accomplished Workforce Lead, I am devoted to a continual learning trajectory and proactively pursue avenues to enhance my skill set.

    Founder and Managing Partner of CodeCrafters Labs. I take immense pride in being the father of two extraordinary kids, whose unwavering bravery, exceptional brilliance, and lionhearted courage serve as constant sources of inspiration in my life. Allow me to introduce them: Declan Jaleel and Liam André, two names that epitomize strength and promise.

Alvison Hunter Web Developer

Web Development Skills

  • HTML5 & CSS3 | SASS

  • Web Protocols

  • JavaScript & ECMAScript

  • Libraries & Frameworks

  • Command Line

  • API Fundamentals

  • Version Control / Git

  • Databases & Security

  • Web Services

Alvison Hunter Technical

Technical Skills

  • Web Development

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Web & Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Media Edition

  • Technical Writing

  • Technical Support

  • Quantitative Reports

Alvison Hunter Arnuero
                  Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills

  • Team Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Time Management

  • Clear Communication

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Decision Making

  • Critical Thinking

  • Coaching & Mentoring


Take A Look At Our Recent Projects

ReactJS JavaScript Project | Alvison Hunter
ReactJS | Legendary song list

I started this project as the first one in which I was using the React Library with axios and Redux among other packages.

View Demo View Source
AngularJS Project
AngularJS | Nica Devs 2020

AngularJS snippets that I had on my Hard Drive and wanted it save on GitHub so that I didn't lose it in that old hard drive.

View Demo View Source
ReactJS Project
ReactJS | Movie Search Tool

ReactJS Project that consists of a simple Movie Details Search Tool that will give the user basic information about a certain movie

View Demo View Source
VueJS and JavaScript Project
VUEJS | The Vuestore app

Testing VueJS Framework for the first time. So far Vue is a super practical framework to work with

View Demo View Source
NextJS small Project to test it out
NEXTJS | Mister Excel Nicaragua

Yet another small project to try the React Framework called NextJS.

View Demo View Source
FLASK | Emergency Phone#

This is a simple Python Web App with Flask to practice this language with this framework.

View Demo View Source
Another ReactJS Project
REACTJS | Confusion Restaurant

Basic Restaurant App made in React for practice purposes for a Coursera React course I took.

View Demo View Source

Some of my recent certifications includes

Scrum Foundations Certified Expert
Scrum Foundations Certified Expert - SFCE
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Container Bootcamp - Fundamentals
Container Bootcamp - Fundamentals
View Badge Details
Container Bootcamp - Core
Container Bootcamp - Core
View Badge Details
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
View Badge Details
Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate
Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate
View Badge Details
Python for Data Science
Python for Data Science
View Badge Details
Trained in Scrum Essentials
Trained in Scrum Essentials
View Badge Details
Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction
Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction
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Data Science Tools
Data Science Tools
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We offer a range of solutions to support our client's needs.

We offer UX UI design

UX/UI Design

I specialize in crafting user interfaces for applications that are characterized by enhanced user-friendliness and ease of learning. Whether you seek a fresh, sophisticated appearance packed with advanced features or a user-centric interface for your web application, I possess the expertise to assist you effectively in achieving your goals.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

In today's digital landscape, the demand for visually appealing promotional and branding materials has surged alongside the increasing significance of a well-designed website. As an adept professional, I am well-equipped to cater to your branding requirements by meticulously crafting the indispensable elements that define your unique brand identity. Allow me to handle the preparation of these crucial items, ensuring a seamless synergy that amplifies your brand's presence.

Web Development

Web Development

Having achieved an impeccable design and aesthetic for your website or application, it is imperative to ensure its complete functionality through the utilization of cutting-edge technology. Kindly furnish me with your specific details and requirements, and I will promptly offer you an optimal quotation and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I am eagerly prepared to provide you with comprehensive assistance.

Technologies we use

With a technical acumen developed since the advent of Clipper 5 and FoxPro 2.26, traversing the realms of Borland Turbo Pascal 7 and C++, Visual Basic 6, and Borland Delphi 6, my journey continued to encompass ASP.NET with C#, accompanied by jQuery, JavaScript, and subsequently delving into AngularJS. Progressing further, I explored VBA for O365, Google App Script, VueJS, React, and EmberJS. In pursuit of expanding my expertise, I delved into Python with Flask and presently engage in the study of Go. Our evolution entails harnessing diverse JavaScript libraries and frameworks to proficiently execute comprehensive project requirements. Discover the remarkable prowess of these cutting-edge technologies by exploring them firsthand!

Google App Script
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft C#
Borland C++
Semantic UI
Materialize CSS